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Keep Your Home Comfortable with Air Conditioning Services in Salt Lake City, UT and all of the Wasatch Front

Central Air

We service all makes and models. We offer second opinions on replacements and bids that can save you thousands.

Air Conditioner Tune Up & Inspection Procedure:

  • Clean condenser coil if necessary
  • Check all electrical connections and tighten if necessary
  • Adjust system for optimum cooling
  • Check all safety devices
  • Check blower belt wear, tension and alignment
  • Check expansion valve and coil temperatures
  • Replace filter if needed
  • Check condensate drain
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Lubricate if required
  • Inspect and calibrate your thermostat
  • Check air flow and return air

Evaporative Cooler

We are swamp cooler specialists! We stock a wide array of cooler parts on our trucks and we service, install and repair all swamp cooler brands!

Check out the Rocky Mountain Power Watt-Smart Rebates available when you replace your old swamp cooler with a new more efficient swamp cooler here

Swamp Cooler / Evaporative Cooler Start-up & Inspection Procedure:

  • Remove cooler cover and clean reservoir
  • Inspect drive belt wear and tension
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate
  • Check blower wheel and pulleys
  • Fill reservoir with water and check operation of pump
  • Clean water trays and inspect pads
  • Check for water leaks
  • Check overall performance

Swamp Cooler / Evaporative Cooler Shut-Down Service:

  • Drain reservoir & water supply line
  • Turn pump to protect from rust
  • Unplug motor for safety
  • Install customer supplied pillow in duct to reduce cold drafts and noise
  • Close diffuser grille vents in hallway
  • Install and secure cooler cover


We include a service and cleaning of every unit with our repair.


We offer cooler start-up and shut-down.

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