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Keep Your Home Toasty Warm with Heating Services in Salt Lake City, UT and all of the Wasatch Front


We’ve been repairing heaters and furnaces in the Salt Lake Valley for over 60 years. Our technicians are well trained in the repair of all makes and models and will give you a fair estimate before they start any work.

Furnace Not Working?

Before scheduling your service call with us, check these simple fixes:

  • Thermostat – Double check to make sure it’s set to HEAT
  • Furnace Switch – Looks like a light switch at the base of your furnace, make sure this is in the ON or UP position
  • Circuit Breaker – Ensure you haven’t flipped a fuse. If you did, flip the breaker to OFF and then flip it back to the ON position

Once you’ve double checked those common issues, if you still need help or if you smell gas, call J&M Plumbing immediately.

Helpful Hint

Want to keep your furnace running properly and reduce the need for costly repairs? Change your furnace filter every one to three months and you’ll see incredible improvement.

Furnace Tune-up & Inspection Procedure:

  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Check flue vent
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check burners for proper burning
  • Check plenum
  • Check airflow
  • Check return air
  • Check all heat registers
  • Check unit for gas leaks
  • Inspect furnace to insure it meets minimum local codes


Boiler problems range from leaks to not firing up and at times it seems everything is working just fine, but the water’s just not heating up, but don’t worry.  Whether you’re running gas or electric, our certified technicians will have your boiler bubbling in no time.  Services include inspection, installation, diagnosis and repairs/p>


Fortunately humidifiers are fairly simple devices but even simple problems can turn into major costly repairs if not properly maintained regularly.  Whether you have integrated a whole house system or have a basic portable unit, our well qualified repair techs will save you time and money.



Most manufacturers recommend your fireplace be serviced once a year, so whether you’re concerned about a gas, ventless or wood burning fireplace, our experienced technicians are here to help.

J&M Plumbing offers diagnostic service, part replacement, gas log installation and don’t under estimate the power of our annual cleaning.  Most standard fireplace problems occur as a result of dust, pet hair and other unseen particles, so a professional cleaning of logs, burners, and pilot assemblies will ensure your family is kept warm and cozy all winter long.


Issues with thermostats are fairly common, but also typically easy to address.  Routine problems may occur when your thermostat has aging wiring that has become faulty, transformer may need to be replaced, or perhaps dust has accumulated, requiring just a good cleaning.


Our experienced technicians are not paid on commissions, so they have no incentive in selling you a new furnace, unless it’s truly what you need.  After a thorough analysis, we’ll share the specific details of the situation with you and let you make the most informed decision on how you want your furnace repaired and maintained.

As we’ve done for years, every unit we repair is properly serviced and thoroughly cleaned, at NO extra charge.


Currently there’s a lot of talk regarding Energy Efficiencies and at times various manufacturers offer good incentives for upgrading your old furnace, but most people wouldn’t throw away a good pair of shoes just because another pair was on sale.  We feel the same about your HVAC equipment.  At J&M Plumbing we realize that with proper care and maintenance you can still get a lot of life out of your existing unit and our first approach will be on just that.

However, should there be a legitimate need for a full replacement, you can rest assured that we offer units that are extremely efficient and reasonably priced.

Annual Servicing

To protect you from unnecessary costly repairs, J&M Plumbing offers affordable, routine annual servicing arrangements.  Get more heat, more cool, more hot water and more peace of mind.  Call us today to learn how you can save time and money by having your equipment serviced regularly.

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